Magneto Automatic Sliding Doors

Whenever the manual operation is too complicated, tiring or difficult, Magneto, the motor at automatic actuation for interior doors, allow to open and close each door with ease. This system is designed to allow easy installation for the most varied requirements of use. The absolute reliability and safety is complemented by a line of linear design, modern and elegant.

In addition to being equipped with a manual switch that allows a convenient manual crossing of the door, thanks to an infrared sensor that detects any presence or movement also permits an opening and a delicate and comfortable closure of any inner door. The remote control has four modes of operation: Auto, Open, Closed or Only exit. Moreover, communication between the electronic control panel and motor is via Bluetooth, in order to reduce the installation time and the problems caused by defective contacts.

Magneto is certainly the ideal solution where it is required comfort and ease in opening a door and it is integrates almost invisibly in any architectural context.


Via Montini, 106/A 25065
Lumezzane S.A. Brescia - ITALY

P.IVA e C.F. 03165050984
Reg. Imprese di Brescia
R.E.A. BS 0510949
Cap. Soc. 100.000,00 € i.v